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Hello, girls!

Today I want to show you a look I created last week especially for my sister, Vivi. She had to travel for many hours and wanted to wear something comfortable and stylish. We then opted for the casual chic, which by the way is one of the most common looks nowadays, have you noticed it? And now that it’s winter in Brazil, it is even easier to choose your clothes!

A top with black stripes and a red heart under a light denim shirt gave her a charming look, while the gold accessories and this gorgeous pair of jewelled black slippers gave the look a stylish hint.

I’ll be a doting sister now… Isn’t she beautiful!?


Many people think they need to wear frumpy clothes to feel comfortable. But I think that we should dress nicely even at home.

Especially you who are married, did you know that? Not to mention if you’re a mother!

There are people looking at you… Are they admiring you or feeling sorry for you?

I hope you enjoyed the tip!




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Cristiane Cardoso

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Author of the books "Better than a new pair of shoes", "V woman" and "Casamento Blindado" (Bulletproof Marriage). Founder of "Godllywood" and "Rahab Project". Presenter of "The Love School" at Rede Record.

38 Responses to “Stylish Viviane”

  1. Yara says:

    Thank you for sharing Mrs.Cristiane
    I’ve never thought about this point ‘ Many people think they need to wear frumpy clothes to feel comfortable. But I think that we should dress nicely even at home.’ . thank you once again.

  2. LYNET says:

    Thank you for the tip , Mrs Cristiane , I actually thought it was you until I noticed it was Mrs Viviane ,she is blessed to have a sister like you.

  3. lindiwe khanyile says:

    I love the look Mrs Viviane ,Is classy and beautiful

  4. You says:

    Thank you for the tip….I looove the look!!!

  5. karabo radisego says:

    wow beautiful.thanx for the hint

  6. Mady dos Santos Neto says:

    Very nice look, casual but stylish. It’s very true what you said Mrs Cristiane, even when at home we need to make the effort to look good & for those who are not yet married to start putting it ino practice so that it becomes a good habit

  7. changu Abel says:

    Wow, thank you Mrs Cris! this is very stylish and i like it.

  8. Kaarina Johannes says:

    Very lovely Mrs Chris. Thank you.

  9. Diana Nkomo says:

    Thank you Mrs Cris,I’m married and also a mom and LOVE dressing nice.many times people don’t believe their my kids when it’s a chain of them following me (I have three).i think it’s because people believe when you’re married and especially when you have children then looking nice is a no no that you have to dress much older and boring which is not true.

  10. Maria marmol says:

    I love this outfit……she is very beautiful. I agree many of times we don’t take the time to dress nice and still feel comfortable, yet we should make the effort.

  11. Jahcinta UK says:

    Great tip! I must admit I need to make more of an effort at home because I tend to wear sweats… Knowing that my outside is what others notice first it is important for me to send the right image


    We should wear something that we feel comfortable in and something nice. People should admire us as we are women of God. Style and elegance and go together as long as you know what suits you best. As a married woman you should strive to look your best.

  13. Avarista Beukes says:

    I love the style Mrs .Viviane you look amazing.
    I will try and match my outfits as well thank you for the ideas on the bright color match.


  14. Anita Rabothaako says:

    Wow! looking very nice Mrs Vivi…. thanks for sharing I did understand that even at home we should take care of ourselves.

  15. Laura viera says:

    Mrs vivi looks great and I agree cris I will practice looking stylish where ever I go it is so important but hard at times because of my body shape I am an hour glass and have to be careful in how I dress can you write about my body type?

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