Where are all the Godllywood Challenges?

This is the most frequently asked question on this blog, LOL! :)

If you are here for the first time and have never heard of the Godllywood Challenge, read this post from last week.

And you who are already doing the challenges, tell us about your experience and why you think every woman should join the Challenge. Next week, I’ll post the most surprising comments. So, friends, feel free to express yourselves! :)

Click on the links below to access the challenges:

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Cristiane Cardoso

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Author of the books "Better than a new pair of shoes", "V woman" and "Casamento Blindado" (Bulletproof Marriage). Founder of "Godllywood" and "Rahab Project". Presenter of "The Love School" at Rede Record.

23 Responses to “Where are all the Godllywood Challenges?”

  1. vuyokazi jani-langa branch says:

    i am currently on challenge 19


    when i was told about the godllywood challenges i did not understand or see the need to be part of the godllywood but when i started with the challenges i started seeing changes in my life,i realised that though i am a servant of God there are some things i can not do and i needed to learn how to do those things for they will help me in the future.The challenges has so far made me to be a better woman.I was very neat in my appearance but my room was a pig sty but after doing the challenges i started to see some changes in me,i really must say that godlliness is close to neatness.I thank God for giving us this opportunity to do the challenges and i pray that he may continue to use you more.I am a changed person because of GODLLYWOOD.

  3. Shirley Ramel Fabico says:

    Dear Mrs.Cris,
    Thank you for this Godllywood Challenge. Although I’m still on task #9, I always ask the help of the Holy Spirit to give me the strength to continue till the end. Doing the Godllywood challenge helps me to be motivated and it’s also a great sacrifice for if I really want to become a better person , a woman of value,I need to do the the task exactly and sincerely. I found out I still need to learn a lot for I thought I am doing well already but a big NO! This is what exactly what I want- to make a good difference in my life especially for my spiritual being. Now, I became more disciplined, discreet and motivated.

  4. Rowena Legonas - Hong Kong says:

    Hello Mrs. Cris,

    I’ve experienced a lot when I joined the Godllywood Challenge. I learned to dress in a discreet way, I learned to value myself as a woman wearing a dress when go to church unlike before that I’ve wore jeans and sports shoes sometimes. I learned to push myself to do the things that I don’t want to do or didn’t have time many excuses, I learned to be creativity that I am not good before. And the best part that I’ve experienced how to be gracious. I’m a person who is a bit tough if I give an order to my colleague and they didn’t follow I asked them straight away why? I don’t care if they were hurt the way I asked or spoke. But in the challenges I learned to calm down myself I ask God to mold me in a different woman and is not easy for me I struggle a lot. And also I learned to show up my talent for the fundraising. Currently I’m in challenge 23, and I’m sure as I continued doing the challenges I experienced more that what God want me to be.

    I think every woman join the challenge so that they may also experience what I’ve learned especially those who is serving God.

    Thank you very much Mrs. Cris to the challenges you help me to grow inside and outside.

  5. prudence says:

    I would definitely like to join the godlywood, the comments are read are surely encouraging

  6. Amu Rikhotso says:

    Godllywood has helped me so much as a young woman, it basically taught me how to love and respect myself, how I need to conduct myself as a woman of God and learning how to treat those around me with the respect that each person deserves. Furthermore I learned how to deal with certain issues with a positive attitude in fact my attitude has changed. Investing more time in the things of God is part of the many things I’ve learned. I love my entire Godllywood experience as I’ve changed all attributes and this was overall a self discovering journey of which is on-going and very beneficial for my life as a whole.

  7. Hortencia says:

    Thanks for sharing all the challenges, appreciate it. Do
    you have this page but in spanish? Thanks again.

  8. Annastasia - Nairobi, Kenya says:

    This is like rediscovering myself. I just began doing the challenges since we begun late here in Kenya, so i had to read through the first 20 challenges, put them down so that i could internalize what was expected of me. It was like being hit by a thunderbolt, I realized that though i thought i was strong and geared to walk the path of faith, there were still things that i need to settle with myself for me to be fully ready for this journey. Godlywood challenges is what i needed to take my spiritual life, my career, my personality and my whole life to the next level. I am truly inspired and so fired up that i want to do everything in a day to catch up only that it is not possible, but i am willing and ready to walk each challenge a day at a time for I know these are not challenges, but God’s way of transforming me into the woman He created me to me. Removing me from a place of mediocre to a place of being able to realize and utilize the potential He has bestowed in me. I thank God for this opportunity to take part.

  9. Mpho Gift Seffore says:

    I am currently at challenge 11 , thus far Godllywood has truly inspired me a lot. The creativity that I have had recently I never thought I would. I love helping out and I would always think helping out others requires finances at all times . Godllywood has made me appreciate the people in my life and to make the most out of every moment . I get excited just reading the challenges and I am aware and I’m more than willing for God to mold me to become the woman of God he wants me to be . «Truly inspired»

  10. Angela says:

    For every woman who has clicked on this page. Please give the challenges an opportunity to show the beauty inside of you!. No we are not perfect, I definetley am not! but we can learn so much if we just pay attention.

    God Bless you!

  11. Morrilyn says:

    Godllywood challenge has helped me to get outt of my comfort zone and be creative :D

  12. Puleng Ncokazi says:

    Yes, I have been doing the Godllywood challenges and the experience is unique. I cannot trade it for anything. I hereby invite every woman, young and old to engage themselves in these tasks because they are meant to help us become women of value and worthy of respect. They help us to grow mentally and spiritually as well. I thank God for Godllywood because now I am wiser, a better wife and mother, a better servant of the Lord!

  13. Erica says:

    Once in a lifetime opportunity!!! Doing these Challenges, has made me a stronger and more mature spiritually person in the Faith. I have seen a 360degree change in myself. If your reading my comment don’t waste time and start doing the Challenges. It never hurts to try. You will not repent from the first Challenge. :) I thank God for using Mrs. Cristiane Cardoso to help us along our journey with God. May God use her more to help us and others in need.

  14. Sarah Timothy says:

    Thank you

    I think every woman should join the Godllywood Challenge because it is a blessing, you will be close to God. The more you are involved with the challenges your spiritual life grow, you will able to know yourself beter participating the challenges.

  15. Franjeska says:

    Yes!!! I like the challenge I think that every woman need
    to join this challenge because It will make from you a better and
    beautifull women than you could ever imagine!! I wil keep goin til
    the lest breath of my life!!!

    • Venessa says:

      Being apart of the Godllywood challenge is very benefitting to me personally because its a sacrifice and it takes a person from their comfort zone out that hidden shell. We women are very valuable, talented, have qualities and more self control we cannot imagine. Many task challenges us to do things that seems to be difficult and challenging that’s because we already defeats ourselves inside because of our pas experience, failures and disappointments. But when we repent and give our life to God, open our hearts and allows God first and foremost and be humble enough to seek help and take corrections from our big sisters, we blossom into that woman, “rear women” who are the difference.
      So I would definitely advice women, who ever they are to take part, its requires commitment, sacrifice and all buts it certainly will bring changes from the Holy Spirit to your life and what your lacking will be fulfilled. Because these challenges shows to you things you thoughts weren’t a problem or big of a deal, it goes beyond fun and physical appearance.

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